Why Choose Frank S. Verdone, O.D. & Associates?

Nothing is more precious than the gift of sight, so that's why we take the time necessary to ensure you get a comprehensive eye exam. We want to ensure that you see to the best of your ability, and that's exactly why we believe in taking the necessary time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. 

At Frank Verdone & Associates our doctors (Verdone, Murphy, Finnegan, Michalski, and Arshad-Noor) do their best to ensure that you not only get an accurate prescription, but that you will also being seeing your best for years to come. 

Whether you need a routine eye exam, a contact lens fitting, treatment for an eye disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy) or even eye surgery, our eye doctors At Frank Verdone & Associates will provide you with expert care, advice, options and follow up. 

Our Long Island Eye Care Clinic

Our eastern Long Island office serves patients from all over Suffolk County. Schedule an appointment with our eye doctor today to see how we can help you get the best prescription for your eyes.



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